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“Third Sundays” allows visitors to explore Grainger History—one idea at a time

Fri, April 28, 2023 8:23 AM | Anne Ocone (Administrator)

Percy Grainger Home & Studio’s new initiative, “Third Sundays”, offers tours that are part education, part interpretation, and a fun, informative alternative to the traditional historic house tour. While a room-by-room tour is included, the focus is on one idea, with the collection providing the backdrop to illustrate and explore that idea. Led by volunteers, the outreach initiative will continue on select Sundays throughout the year.

These themed tours offer a unique lens with which to “read” the Percy Grainger Home & Studio. Presenters, taking into account their own interests and knowledge, are given the freedom to explore new connections between items in the collection, the historic house and the Grainger’s lives. If you are looking for inspiration, awe, and a slice of Grainger’s views, be sure to register for an upcoming tour.

Historic houses are a living time capsule that provide a unique opportunity to learn about the past. They offer us insight into the lives of those who lived in them and the history of their time. From architecture and design to furniture, art and artifacts, these sites can tell us a lot about how people lived in different eras. By exploring historic homes, we can gain an understanding of our past and how it has shaped our present. Additionally, we can also learn valuable lessons looking at how people used to live, and applying that knowledge to our own lives today.

Upcoming Third Sunday tours include Grainger and Fennell, led by Rebecca Weissman and scheduled for Sunday July 16, and Percy Grainger’s Free Music Machines, to be presented by Dr. Paul Jackson on September 17.  Please join us! Third Sunday tours are offered free of charge: registration is required. Visit our events page for more information. 

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