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View of front porch

View of the south end of the porch as it is today, looking past the living room windows into the shady side yard. (photo by Pamela Tucker).

The porch, where Percy and his mother Rose took their tea

The front porch is of generous dimensions, providing a view, towards the front, of the passing scene on the street below, and to the side, of the trees and luxuriant plants of the old-fashioned garden.

When Percy and his mother Rose moved into the house, she furnished it like a comfortable solarium, with willow furniture, hammocks, and all the accoutrements for serving a civilized tea. In her memoirs, she wrote:

"I awoke at 5:30 this morning hearing the birds singing in the lovely trees which surround our sweet home, which my beloved Son bought for us last May, 1921... The house... has 10 rooms and a large front verandah, which we have furnished very comfortably indeed with Chinese Mats (3 large ones), willow furniture, 2 willow swinging hammocks, cushioned with very coarse, handsome patterned crettone, willow-made working table with added glass top, for Percy, 2 chairs, & china cabinet to match. We live a great deal on this Porch, & often take our tea there. We have an electric connection there to boil our water for our tea...

We have some dear little Squirrels living in our trees, which seem not unfriendly. We leave water, bread & nuts for them, near the verandah. Percy also discovered 2 toads, near the side of our house, which he liked, but since a severe storm a few days ago we have not seen them. We hope they will come again. Percy has been practising his Tenor Sarrusophone this morning on the top floor of our house, which he found pretty warm..."
(From recollections by Rose Grainger, reproduced in facsimile in Photos of Rose Grainger and of 3 Short Accounts of Her Life, in Her Own Handwriting, privately published by Percy Grainger, 1923)

The picture below shows Percy and his mother on the "verandah."

Rose and Percy on front porch

Percy and his mother, Rose Grainger, on the porch, ca. 1921, in a photo taken by Frederick Morse, photographer and friend.

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