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View of the music room

A view from the back of the music room, showing its various instruments. The window on the right looks out on the front porch. Beside the window, on the back of one of the pianos, you can see a display of CD's of Grainger's music. (Photo by C.A.Sowa.)

The music room, to your left as you enter the house, contains three of Percy Grainger's pianos. It was here that he did much of his composing and arranging. A display of CD's that have been issued of his many works is prominently on view.

The music room from the foyer

A view into the music room from the foyer. In the background some of the many CD's of Percy's music can be seen. (Photo by C.A. Sowa.)

Archival view of the music room

An older view into the music room. (Photo from Inez Bull, 7 Cromwell Place, a Loving Tribute to Percy Grainger, 1989)

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