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View of dining room

View of the dining room (photo by Pamela Tucker). Notice the Edison cylinder machine on the desk and the portrait of Percy (as a young boy) and his mother on the wall.

A house from the gaslight era

The dining room lies behind the living room and forms an extension of it. Among other memorabilia, the visitor may see one of Grainger's Edison cylinder gramophones, on which he would record folk songs as he tramped around the British Isles.

A true product of the gaslight era, the house retains its dual-use light fixtures, which could use either gas or electricity. Such a light can be seen in the dining room. The effect of stepping through a time warp into an earlier era continues as you look out the wide bay window into the garden. Despite the fact that most of the block on which the house sits has become modern and commercial, the Grainger house garden remains charmingly natural and rural.

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